Detailed Tutorials

These SPSS tutorials are designed to be detailed and comprehensive, but still easy to understand.

If you just want to get to your result as quickly as possible, then try our Quick Tutorials. Otherwise follow the links here as a first step on your journey to gaining a full understanding of the tools and resources on offer within the SPSS statistics package.

You can find a complete list of detailed tutorials here.

How to Clean Data in SPSS

In this tutorial, we will show you how to clean your data in SPSS. What is Data Cleaning? Data cleaning is the process of reviewing a data set for potential problems and resolving those problems prior to data analysis.  Data problems include incomplete, incorrect, or incorrectly formatted data. Why is Data Cleaning Important? The results … Read more

Simple Linear Regression in SPSS, Including Interpretation

In this tutorial we show you how to conduct simple linear regression analysis in SPSS, and interpret the results of your analysis.  Quick Steps Visualize your data with a scatterplot Click Analyze -> Regression -> Linear Move your independent variable to the Independent(s) box Move your dependent variable to the Dependent box Click Statistics Ensure that the Estimates and Model fit … Read more