Detailed Tutorials

These SPSS tutorials are designed to be detailed and comprehensive, but still easy to understand.

If you just want to get to your result as quickly as possible, then try our Quick Tutorials. Otherwise follow the links here as a first step on your journey to gaining a full understanding of the tools and resources on offer within the SPSS statistics package.

You can find a complete list of detailed tutorials here.

One Way ANOVA in SPSS Including Interpretation

In this tutorial, we’ll look at how to perform a one-way analysis of variance (ANOVA) for independent groups in SPSS, and how to interpret the result using Tukey’s HSD. Quick Steps Click on Analyze -> Compare Means -> One-Way ANOVA Drag and drop your independent variable into the Factor box and dependent variable into the … Read more

How to Select Cases in SPSS

In this tutorial, we’ll look at how to select cases in SPSS, and how to work with the resultant filtered data. The Data The data we’re using for this tutorial comes from a hypothetical study that examines how long it takes people to fall asleep during a statistics lesson. The two variables we’re interested in … Read more

How to Generate Random Numbers in SPSS

This tutorial will show you how to generate random numbers in SPSS and also outline a couple of use cases for such a procedure. The Data As a starting point, you should at least have an ID variable populated in the Data View of SPSS. The ID variable functions to identify the number of cases in … Read more

Import Data from MySQL into SPSS

In this tutorial, we will learn how to import data from a MySQL database into the SPSS statistics package. Specifically, we will detail how to set up a MySQL data source and how to import data from it. To follow along, you’re going to need your database IP address, and the username and password you … Read more

Display Value Labels in SPSS

This tutorial will teach you how to define variable values and display value labels in the SPSS statistics package. Quick Steps Click on tab to display Variable View Identify your variable, click on its cell in the Values column, and then click on the ellipsis Enter your first coded numerical value where it says Value, … Read more

How To Define Variables in SPSS

This tutorial will introduce you to the Variable View tab in SPSS, and teach you how to define variables – that is, specify their various parameters – within this view. Adding a Variable In order to define a variable and set its parameters you need to get some data into SPSS. The easiest way is … Read more