How to Move Columns in SPSS

This quick tutorial will show you how to reorder columns in the SPSS Data View.

Quick Steps

  1. Select the entire column you want to move by click on its name at the top
  2. Drag the column to its new location


The Problem

In a previous tutorial, we created a new variable to hold a set of integers that would function to uniquely identify each case in a data set.

Numeric ID in SPSS

The problem is the ID column is on the far right of the Data View. It’d be better if it were the first column on the left.

So how do you move it over?

The Solution

The solution is both easy, but not wholly obvious.

First, you select the entire column by clicking on the column name (i.e., where it says ID).

Second, you drag it to its new location. You’ll notice it relocates to the left of whichever column you’re over when you release the mouse button.

And that’s all there is to it.

One interesting thing is that reordering the variables in the Data View also affects their order in the Variable View. As you can see below, ID is now the first variable in the Variable View list.

SPSS Variable View



That was certainly short and sweet. You should now be able to reorder columns in the Data View.